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Home Security

Rather than just installing a burglar alarm system, there is a range of ways to make your home safer. You can look at each possible entry area of your homes, such as doors and windows, to see how they could be improved.

How to secure your home

  • Window Security
  • Door Security
  • Visible Intruder alarm
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Smoke alarms and Carbon dioxide monitors

Home insurance and home security

Most insurers will insist on a minimum level of security before they will offer you insurance, such as deadlocks on some or all external doors. These locks will usually need to be five-lever mortise locks and have to meet a minimum standard – usually BS3621..

Home Security Solutions

Health and Safety of your family and friends is our priority at Tuff Security, simultaneously ensuring your valuables and personal possessions are secure. Whether a single professional, a family backbone or a pensioner; every individual customer is recognised as priority in this company.

TUFF’s qualified Security Professionals can organise a controlled and safe environment, completely controlled by you – for you.

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