Intruder Alarms

Shield yourself from unwanted intrusion.

We at TUFF Security believe in providing the latest technology to our customers. If you choose to trust us with your security, it becomes our mission to make you feel safe. TUFF Security specializes in both residential and corporate projects. Be it a corporate office or an apartment, we are ready to ensafe your property.

No wire means no problem.

We offer complete range of wireless and wired intruder alarms so we can meet our clients’ requirements.

Tight on budget?

Don’t worry, we have got your back. Check our Products section for an Intruder Alarm that best suits your budget.

Do you know?

  • In each main living area, it is highly recommended to fit a PIR motion detector – this will cover any lounge, extended corridor and bedroom areas.
  • It is normally unnecessary to position an additional detector in the bathroom; should an intruder break in through this room, other detectors around the property would pick them up as soon as they exit the room.
  • If the kitchen area is separate, it is better to position an additional detector there. Particularly, if it is situated on the ground floor.

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