Intruder Alarms

TUFF Security is here to keep you and your loved ones safe. We provide new-gen wireless intruder alarms and tailored security designs to ensure the safety of your residence. Our services include:


  • External doors are protected by wireless door contacts.
  • Intruder movement detectors, which are strategically positioned to protect vulnerable entry-points and provide trap protection.
  • Control panel of the system also has an built-in internal siren.
  • A rechargeable backup standby battery is incorporated to power the system in event of a temporary power failure.
  • An electrical mains spur, which powers the system.
  • Smartphone-compatible system which allows you to control the alarm through an App.
  • We can notify your nominated keyholder, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), or our partner guard patrol company.
  • Installation by our well-trained technicians and engineers.
  • A certificate of status and competence is issued following the handover to our client.
  • Access to TUFF Security 24 Hours Emergency Service & Support.
  • Routine inspection and testing (includes both physical inspection and remote internet test) once in every six months.

Have any queries regarding a residential Intruder Alarm system? Get in touch with us.


Security for Flats and Apartments 

Security for Small to Medium Sized Houses 

Security for Larger Houses and Estates 


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