Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms for businesses

Protect your business with a fire detection and alarm system

We Cover:

System Design





Conventional Fire Alarm
–    divides your premises into broad zones
–    in the event of an alert, the fire alarm panel identifies the zone, but not the precise area
–    most suitable for smaller or lower risk environments

Addressable Fire Alarm
–    each individual device has its own unique electronic address
–    if one activates, the fire alarm panel tells you precisely where the problem is
–    most suitable for larger or higher risk environments – e.g schools, care homes, hospitals

Wireless Fire Alarm
–    uses a secure wireless link between the sensors and the fire alarm panel
–    typically works like an addressable system, just without the wires
–    most suitable for premises which don’t want lots of cable – e.g. churches, historic buildings


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