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These are some of the most common questions we are asked. In case of any other query, feel free to contact us.

FAQs about Intruder Alarms

Q: How long does an installation take?

A: Depends on the size of the installation.

Q: Can I be remotely notified if the alarm(s) activates?

A: Yes, we use a smartphone app which sends a notification to your phone if an alarm is activated and when the system restores.

Q: How much does the system cost?

A: Subject to the cost of the equipment and magnitude of the system

FAQs about CCTV

Q: Do you install HD CCTV cameras?

A: Yes, we provide the latest cameras and DVRs which allows us to upgrade to the new system without replacing the cables and wires of the old system (if any).

Q: Can I view remotely on mobile and tablet devices?

A: Yes, you can remotely view your home or office through the mobile applications. These apps are available on both Android and iOS.

Q: Do you give any guarantee for the system?

A: Yes, we give a 1-year warranty for all the cameras and DVR Hard-drives.

FAQs about Security Lighting

Q: What type of Security Lightings do you provide?

A: A vast range of Halogen security lights, LED security lights and Security Lanterns for the front of your house.

FAQs about Door Entry Systems

Q: What type of Door Entry Systems do you install?

A: We provide latest Video Door Intercoms with colour monitors. 


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