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Tuff Security cyber investigation team is equipped with advanced techniques that cater threat analysis, and cyber intelligence projects ranging from risk assessments, trend reports, travel advisories, digital artifact investigations, and almost any other cyber investigative requests.

The Tuff Security Cyber Investigations Unit (CIU) is a group dedicated to handling your most complex and challenging cyber investigation. Comprised of our most experienced and senior analysts, the Tuff Security team handles custom projects, special requests, and sensitive inquiries with the highest level of discretion.

How We Can Help

When you engage our CIU team, you get direct access to experts who are always on call for any type of investigation project. In addition to customize investigations, CIU offers a range of defined products to assess the online risk profile of your company, executives, and key vendors to assess your exposure.

Our cyber investigative cycle is based on Threat Assessments that examine the web and other online sources for potential physical and information security risks to executives and their family members. We provide in-house security teams with insights into possible threats and risks originating from such sensitive disclosures, and arm executives and their family members with recommendations for lowering their online risk profile and privacy best practices.

Through our Corporate Online Risk Assessment and Vendor Online Risk Assessment reports, the Tuff Security team gives you insights into your exposure, or your vendors’ exposure, on the web and social media, and online risk posed to your enterprise in key areas, including:
• Brand abuse and infringements
• Cyber and hacker activities
• Human Resources and regulatory compliance
• Physical security issues
• Reputation risks
• Sensitive data disclosures

An Experienced Cyber Intelligence Team

Members of CIU are experts in the fields of cyber intelligence, intelligence studies, security, terrorism, law, and behavioural studies, and have decades of combined experience conducting open source investigations and threat analysis for the intelligence.




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