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Cyber defence is a security field which actively resists attacks on your organization’s server and/or system. TUFF Security’s Cyber Defence Development helps in protecting your organization’s sensitive data, and personal data of both the users and employees.

Our system, incorporating latest methods and technologies, keeps you vigilant at all times, putting you several steps ahead from attackers. Planning and preparation can mean the difference between recovering well and not recovering at all when a breach or attack occurs.

Proactively preparing for such incidents reduces damages, cost and recovery time. Suitable preparation and appropriate documentation can also help staff secure key evidence in events of a compromise.

One of the key aspects of a secure system is regular QA/QC. Experts at TUFF Security can help you limit vulnerabilities, develop an action and communication plan, and monitor your environment for potential threats.

• Discover areas which are susceptible to cyber attack,
• Address existing vulnerabilities,
• Take proactive steps to make your organization more secure,
• Reduce your attack surface,
• Document key escalation steps in the event of an incident,
• Learn how to secure machines and limit damage.


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