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You as start-up or existing commercial security solutions business your local authorities might require you to have a fire safety and security system before you open the doors. Let us handle it. As a local security company in the area with profound experience and associations with local authorities, our expertise in security is unmatched. We’ll keep you up to date.


If your business is mandated by code to have fire alarms, sprinkler systems or burglar and holdup security systems, get in touch with TUFF Security. We will design, plan, build, test and inspect your security system ensure they meet all code requirements and provide you with any certificates you need.

Our STRATEGY for Your Business

If this is your first security system or you’re not satisfied with your current security company, consider Tuff Security. Our team of security professionals are assurance own its own. We know the local codes and the police and fire authorities in your area. We offer a full selection of business security systems and services from intrusion alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance and access control.


Unlike other alarm companies, TUFF Security Systems makes your business security easy with an integrated system across your enterprise. You’ll have one highly trained team of security experts, armed with the most advanced technology. We offer your business a reliable, single point of contact, supporting all of your locations. It’s one of many advantages of working with a local, family-owned organisation with over 100 years of combined experience.

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